Crittall window refurbishment

We specialise in restoring Crittall windows to their former glory. Our team of experts uses the latest techniques to repair and refurbish these iconic windows.

Rotten Timber Repair

At our company, we specialise in rotten wood repair for windows, doors, and external woodwork. We use only the highest-quality hardwood to restore your woodwork to its former glory.

New glasing & Putty

We also offer new glazing and finishing options for your wooden windows and doors. Our expert team can provide traditional linseed oil putty to finish off the glazing, providing a beautiful, long-lasting finish that complements your property’s style.

Epoxy Resin Repairs

We utilise a specialised epoxy resin repair method to restore your window doors and external woodwork to a like-new state. Our skilled team will remove any rotten wood and replace it with a specially formulated epoxy and new hardwood.

Laminated glass installation

We can enhance safety, energy efficiency, and noise reduction by using laminated glass in our wooden windows. Providing superior insulation, noise reduction and increased security.

Draft exclusion

We offer a professional draft exclusion service that enhances the efficiency of your windows. Not only does draft exclusion help to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs, but it can also help to minimise unwanted external noises.

External decoration

From window repairs to roofing, we are equipped with the skills and expertise to revitalize a tired-looking building and restore it to its former glory.

Internal decoration

We pride ourselves on our team of experts who are dedicated to delivering high-quality internal decorating services. From painting to banister rail repairs, we have the skills and expertise to handle any project, big or small.