Window Restoration in Hamstpead Garden Suburb

Hampstead Garden Suburb is internationally recognised as one of the finest examples of early twentieth century domestic architecture and town planning.

We specialise in the restoration of traditional wooden windows and doors using a proven system, which enables us to repair your windows to a good-as-new state. 

We achieve this by replacing any rotten wood with a specialised epoxy-based system and new hardwood, before applying the finest quality paints and preservatives. As a result, your refurbished windows will provide many years of continued service, often outlasting new hardwood windows.

When restoring windows within the Hampstead Garden Suburb we always adhere to the Trusts guidance. 

Restored sash window

Hampstead Garden Suburb Repair and alteration advice

For design guidance and advice on repairs, alterations and extensions to properties and works to trees and gardens.

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It has been produced jointly by the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust and Barnet Council. Planning applications will be determined in the light of the guidance given this document.

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Check out our Maintenance Programme

We recommend enrolling in our window maintenance programme to extend the life of your restored windows. Our programme offers regular inspections and preventative maintenance, enabling us to identify and address any potential issues before they become problematic.

By signing up for our maintenance programme, you can have peace of mind that your restored windows will continue to provide reliable and efficient service for many years.

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